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Condo Duct Cleaning

Professional air duct cleaning service - at an unbeatable price!

Duct Masters is the established leader in air duct cleaning in Montreal. Duct Masters specialize in residential and commercial duct cleaning services. Over the past 7 years Duct Masters have had the privilege of working with local homeowners and businesses, gaining an understanding of their needs. We are pleased that many of our clients return to us for repeat services such as air conditioning cleaning and HVAC cleaning. Not only do our current customers keep coming back for regular duct cleaning service, our reputation has gained us many new customers through word-of-mouth. Once you experience Duct Masters impeccable air duct cleaning services, you will never have to worry about poor air quality in your home or workplace ever again.

Three main reasons to choose us:

  • 1No Contractors. We don't rehire out to other companies, all work is completed by our technicians.
  • 2Truck Mount System. We have upgraded our equipment and have purchased the strongest machines available in the market today.
  • 3Specializing in Ducts. Here at Duct Masters we clean only ducts which results in us being specialist in this field.

Deciding to clean your ventilation system is a good idea, choosing the right company is the most important decision you will have to make. There are many duct cleaning companies in the Montreal area, but not many are considered professionals in this field.

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Duct cleaning service:

One of the most overlooked household services is the cleaning of your air ducts. When air vents aren’t maintained and kept clean a build up of dust particles, pollen, mold and other debris contaminates your vents and these are then released into the air you breathe.

That’s why having the professionals at Duct Masters come to service your air ducts is so important..

tech looking in the vent whipper in duct

Sanitization service:

Air Duct Sanitizing is often used as a preventative measure to protect against and minimize microbial growth such as mold and bacteria in your air duct cleaning system. It is also very effective in eliminating odors from within the air duct system, as well as giving your home or office a fresh smell. Air Duct Sanitizing can also be used when people suffer from allergies or they are moving from or into a previously occupied home.

benfect 100% natural

Furnace cleaning:

We all understand that a poorly maintained furnace heating system can breed innumerable contaminants that could affect the health of your family in many ways. This is why we at Duct Masters recommend that our customers get their furnace cleaned and serviced with each duct cleaning to help keep it free from various pollutants, moulds, dust and allergens.

blower dirty blower cleaning

Air conditioner coil cleaning:

Your air conditioning system will still run whether you clean the coils on a regular basis or not. For now, that is. Allowing more and more debris to build up on the coil however, can have a big impact on the overall energy efficiency of your unit. An air conditioner with a dirty coil will have to work harder to keep your house cool, and that will be reflected by an increase in energy consumption.

Landscape plane 2D coloured plan

Things to think about

  1. What type of condo do I have?  (one floor?)
  2. How many furnaces do I have?
  3. Do I know where most of the vents are located?
  4. Do I want or need sanitization?
  5. Do I want my furnace or coils cleaned?

     Here's what to expect:

  1. 1    The tech will follow the owner in locating all vents and
        returns in the home
  2. 2    The tech will then turn on your unit (furnace) to make
        sure of operation before cleaning
  3. 3    The team will put down a drop cloth to protect your floor     and carpet. They will then begin to bring in the
  4. 4    The head tech will inspect the furance free of charge
        and inform you of the condition ... If the furnace is
        dirty Duct Masters can offer an extra fee service to
        clean your blower or ac coils
  5. 5    Once the team knows the location and state of your     ducts, they will no longer need your assistance
  6. 6    All covers and traps will then be removed and some
        returns will be inspected with lights and mirrors. This
        will show the amount of dirt and design of your ducts.
        many return ducts are fake .. Duct Masters trained
        technicians will inform you if this should be the case
  7. 7    The team is now ready to clean your ducts. You are
        welcome to follow the team when they perform their
  8. 8    They will turn on both units ... positive and negative and
        start to clean your heating system. You can expect
        these machines to be loud
  9. 9    The technicians will begin with the supply branches and
        clean all the supplies vents and main lines
  10. 10    After all the supply branches and main lines have been
        cleaned, they will then move the large negative hose to
        the return main line
  11. 11    Cleaning of the returns and main return line will now
        begin. The cleaning of these ducts might take longer.
        Roughly 90% of all your dirt is found inside the intake
  12. 12    If a customer wishes to see the results between before
        and after this would be the best time to view our work  
  13. 13    Once all ducts have been cleaned, the techs will split
        and work on different tasks. If you choose to use a     disinfection for the ducts, it will be steamed once the
        ducts have been fully cleaned
  14. 14    The head tech will be cleaning your furnace (if you
        choose this option)
  15. 15    Once the furnace and disinfection have been completed,
        the techs will return things back to normal: replacing
        the covers, installing new sheet metal etc    
  16. 16    The furnace will now be turned on to allow the sanitizer
        to function at it's fullest
  17. 17    All material and tools will be removed from your house
  18. 18    Payment will now need to be made, once the customer
        is fully satisfied

Complete service

If you wish to achieve the cleanest possible air in your home, this service is usually recommended after a home renovation or moving into a new home. Order the complete service over the phone and we'll offer you a special package price.