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Duct Masters vs Montreal Competitors

Consumers are often fooled into believing that a lesser priced, unqualified duct cleaner can provide the same quality of service as customers receive from Duct Masters.

Cheap or Quality?

The old saying "You get what you pay for"  often applies in the field of air duct cleaning. The ventilation ducts that need cleaning are running hidden in between the walls and floors. How do you know if they are properly cleaned? If you hire one of the lower priced providers, you’d have to get pretty lucky to even get a so-so job done on your ducts. If you want them REALLY clean, you’d better hire Duct Masters.

Cheap duct cleaners

We charge as little as we can and still do the job we do.

Choosing the lowest price provider may carry certain risks.

They may :
• Reveal additional charges after they get to your home (bait and switch), and you end up paying more than you would have paid us.
• Bring portable or electric truck-mounted vacuum equipment to your home without enough power to do the job - if it’s small enough to carry into your house, it’s too small.
• Arrive with a non-labeled car/truck, or contractors with no uniforms or identification.

They may NOT:
• Have the right training, tools and techniques - even assuming adequate vacuum, the key to a thorough cleaning is the skillful use of sanitized agitation tools (brushes, whips, air snakes) on all surfaces inside your air ducts to knock loose adhered dust and debris.
• Pull the blower out of the furnace to clean it thoroughly.
• Open the plenum to air wash and vacuum the A-coil.
• Block every supply and return vent during the cleaning process in minimizing the chances of dirt from re-entering your home.
• Protect your driveway and your home from damage and soil during the job. Some companies don’t even carry technician booties and drop-cloths.


Visit TTADC to learn about "The Truth About Duct Cleaning" The website is an non-profit organization devoted to educating the consumer concerning the pros and cons of air duct cleaning.

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Duct Masters vs Competition Equipment Comparison

Duct Masters 90% of Our Competition
Vacuum Electric Portable [Good] icon icon
Vacuum Gas Portable [Better] icon icon
Vacuum Gas Truck Mount [Best] icon icon
Compressor Electric Portable [Good] icon icon
Compressor Gas Portable [Better] icon icon
Compressor Gas Truck Mount [Best] icon icon
Agitation Contact Vacuum [Good] icon icon
Agitation Air Washing [Good] icon icon
Agitation Power Rod [Better] icon icon
Agitation Power Whip [Best] icon icon
Agitation Power Brush [Best] icon icon

Duct Masters vs Competition Certificate Comparison

Duct Masters 90% of Our Competition
Technicians ASCS Certified icon icon
Technicians VSMR Certified icon icon
Technicians VMT Certified icon icon
Technicians HSE Certified icon icon
NADCA Certified Member icon icon
NADCD Certified Member icon icon
NFPA Certified Member icon icon
IAQA Certified Member icon icon

Duct Masters vs Competition General Comparison

Duct Masters 90% of Our Competition
Cleaning Agitation Pressure High Pressure 230+ PSI Low/Medium Pressure 120-180 PSI
Cleaning Abstraction Pressure MAX Pressure 20,000 CFM's MAX Pressure 5000 CFM's
Cleaning Time Frame 3-5 Hours - Single Furnace 1-2 Hours - Single Furnace
Guarantee - 2 years icon icon
Insurance icon icon
Specialization - Only Ducts icon icon
Cleaning Experience 10,000 + homes and counting icon
Upfront Pricing icon icon
No Hidden Cost icon icon



Duct Masters


Duct Masters has emerged as one of the most popular Montreal air duct cleaning companies. Being a clear favorite for the quality of duct cleaning, the efficient and prompt service coupled with phenomenal pricing, Duct Masters have now expanded their scope of operations and outreach.

Along with moving into a new office to cater to a larger area and also to offer even more seamless service delivery, we have welcomed several new staff, conducted training for the new staff members and retrained our present team of duct cleaning specialists. Staying ahead of times and being the most advanced Montreal air duct cleaning company has always been at the forefront of our vision, hence we have also brought in the latest equipment for duct cleaning available in the market today.

Blower and AC Coil





The Competition


Deceptive air duct cleaning companies plague the duct cleaning profession with bait and switch tactics, and use unqualified technicians or try to scare the homeowner into thinking they have a serious health-threatening mold problem.

There are also the small companies that fill your mailbox with mass advertising, or perhaps use local newspapers for duct cleaning service ads. These ads typically offer a whole house cleaning package for a very low price which can often end in poor results.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a careless or inadequately trained service provider can damage your ducts or heating and cooling system, possibly increasing your heating and air conditioning costs, or by forcing you to undertake difficult and costly repairs or replacements.

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