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Air Quality Testing (IAQ)

At Duct Masters we created a separate division called Air Masters which we pride ourselves on taking care of our customers at home or work. Many people underestimate the extent of the indoor air pollution problem. Air pollution is usually visualized as the black smoke emitted from factories. Little thought is given to tobacco smoke and the by-products of aerosol sprays, paints, cleaners, and pesticides used in the home. We test for Particular Matter (PM 2.5 / 10), Formaldehyde (HCHO), Volatile organic compounds (VOC), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monixide (CO) and Radon Gas (Rn)

100% Natural
Blower and AC Coil

Furnace Cleaning

The source of your heat and air conditioning plays an important role when it comes to clean air. There are several key components with a furnace that can impact your air quality if not cleaned regularly.

Furnace filters are often not installed correctly which will result in your blower receiving continuous amounts of dust and dirt. The usual time frame for a professional blower cleaning is once every 3-5 years.

AC Coil Cleaning

Similar to furnace cleaning, AC coils can become dirty over time. The coils when blocked with dirt will force your machine to work harder because of lack of airflow. Another fact is while the coils are blocked your air conditioning will not function at it's peak performance resulting in warmer air.

Dryer Duct Cleaning

Don’t forget this duct! As many as 15,000 fires start in the laundry room every year when lint from clothes dryers builds up and catches fire. Those fires result in up to 19 deaths per year. If you notice your clothes taking longer to dry, or if you feel your dryer getting really warm it might be time to clean your dryer duct.

The dryer duct should be cleaned every few years. If you live in a condominium speak with your concierge about getting the entire buildings' dryer ducts cleaned. We offer special discount prices for bulk dryer duct cleaning.

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Dryer duct cleaning

Bathroom Exhaust Duct Cleaning

Bathroom exhaust airflow, if blocked by debris, can significantly inhibit the removal of humid air from the bathroom. This creates a burden on the HVAC system and prevents the proper removal of water vapor. If humid air is not properly exhausted, the vapor condenses on bathroom surfaces and provides a growth environment for biological contaminants such as microbial growth. Duct Masters professionals remove and clean airflow exhaust vents, fan blades, fan ductwork, fan plenum, and other related ductwork, including the outside protective screening.

Duct Masters professionals are certified, qualified and trained in bathroom exhaust airflow systems and help to clean and restore indoor air quality.

Bathroom exhaust duct cleaning
Air exchanger duct cleaning

Air Exchanger Duct Cleaning

Your air exchanger is working 24/7 to bring continuous fresh air into your home. However, the problem is it also brings in a lot of dust from outside.

The cleaning of these units and ducts usually involves special equipment since most of these ducts are flexible. These types of ducts are more difficult to clean and require a duct cleaning professional like Duct Masters.

We recommend when cleaning the ducts for an air exchanger, to  get the unit properly cleaned at the same time.

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