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ADVISORY: The company in this video is no way affiliated with us or ever has been with Duct Masters Inc. MSNBC investigated duct cleaning companies that offer complete home cleaning for unbelievable prices. Unfortunately for us the company that was under review had a similar name to us, the company called themselves "DuctMasters" and they were located in Hebron, Kentucky. Dateline made it clear that "the Duct Masters from Hebron Kentucky that we observed is not affiliated with other honest companies around the country who may go under the same name"

The video below is a good starting point for our first lesson about the importance of hiring a professional duct cleaning company.

Bait and Switch

Bait and Switch

The advertised “special” price is immediately thrown out in favor of a much higher price. Most specials $35-$99 or $9 per vent are unrealistic cover a limited number of vents, mains trunks and returns. Our suggestion instead of shopping for the lowest price why not look for customer service, experience and quality.

Our prices are all well indicated on our website, phone calls are handled in the same manner. Nothing is hidden! We offer a high quality service and designed a price list surrounding it. We do our best to try to provide our customers the best possible experience at a reasonable price. Duct Masters does not follow the prices of the competition .. we set them !


"Real" Equipment

As in every profession, you need the right tools to get the job done, especially when it comes to duct cleaning. Most of the companies in the Montreal area fail to invest in the large truck mount systems. Actually many companies also fail to invest in the TTADC standard grade of equipment.

We at Duct Masters recently invested in brand new truck mount systems for all of our trucks in the Montreal area. The vacuums we carry are so large that they take up most of the room on our trucks. However even more important than the vacuum is the compressor, the machine to "wake up the dust". The compressors we carry are the strongest in the duct cleaning field with a unbelievable pressure of 240 PSI.

Jack Of All Trades

Jack of All Trades

When searching for a duct cleaner it's highly suggested to look for a specialist in duct cleaning. The procedure when done properly is to "awaken" the dust for extraction. When a company is not experienced or properly equipped, the outcome can become unsatisfactory or even worse destroy the atmosphere in the house.

Most companies offering duct cleaning in the Montreal area also provide a wide range of services (carpets, drapes, furniture, walls, etc) This usually results in the hiring of contractors or unspecialized technicians.

Here at Duct Masters we specialize in duct cleaning all year round. The technicians are expertly trained and work soley on residential and commercial duct cleaning.


Memberships & Certificates

Look for a duct cleaning company that will follow all the rules and regulations set forth by leading organizations. Duct Masters follows all standards and guidelines imposed by the NADCA and are certified Air Systems Cleaning Specialist (ASCS)

At Duct Masters we ensure that all work is done following the highest standards and that all consumer relations are handled in a professional and courteous manner. To the right side view our credentials and memberships.

Customer Testimonials

Incroyablement satisfaite du travail de pro de Duct Masters. Ils ont su respecter nos demandes. Chapeau à toute l'équipe! Je les recommande sans hésitation! —Claudia Rozon.

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