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Duct Masters Reveals Plan to Donate Portion of Profits to Three Important Charitable Organizations


Duct Masters, the leading duct cleaning company Quebec and the Canadian Capital of Ottawa, just announced that beginning May 1, 2013 they will donate a portion of their profits to three charitable organizations all impacted by air quality. The donations will continue through the remainder of 2013 and will have a very positive impact on the three organizations that help many people who have suffered from breathing air that is not of the best quality. Duct Masters owner Darin Doucet is very proud to be able to make these donations. He has spent his career building a company that focuses on making sure client can live in an environment that is filled with clean air and he has personally been touched by what can happen when people breathe unclean air as his mother suffered greatly with respiratory issues throughout her life.


The charities that Doucet has chosen include the Lung Association, the Canadian Cancer Society and the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Each of these organizations services thousands who are suffering from conditions that are either caused by or exacerbated by unhealthy air. The Lung Association helps those suffering from respiratory illness and funds research into the many different types of lung diseases and their causes. This organization is especially dear to Doucet’s heart because the organization helped his mom during her struggles with respiratory disease. The Canadian Cancer Society does great work for those suffering from various types of cancer including lung cancer. Those suffering from lung cancer must be in environments where the air is as pure as it can be. The Montreal Children’s Hospital works diligently to care for the youngest citizens who are suffering from many afflictions. Many of their patients are children suffering from asthma or lung diseases like Cystic Fibrosis that can be severely exacerbated by bad air.


From May 1, 2013 until December 31, 2013 each of these organizations will benefit from the work done by Duct Masters. Each organization’s donations will be tied to a specific Duct Masters service. For each “Basic Package” service the company provides $10.00 will be donated to “The Pearl Fundraising for the Lung Association,” for each “Preferred Package”, Duct Masters will donate $10.00 to “The Roberto Fundraising for the Canadian Cancer Society.” Finally for each “Healthy Home Package” Duct Masters will donate $10.00 to the Montreal Children’s Hospital.”


To learn more about Duct Masters and the services that will result in these important donations visit http://www.ductmasters.ca or call 514.826.7223 to speak with a company representative.


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