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Our Suggestions

The Price

Never choose a company solely based on the lowest or best price. Professional duct cleaning is not cheap. However if you clean your ducts regularly, the cost for duct cleaning will be low, roughly around $279.99 - $329.99. If you need to get your complete ventilation cleaned, the price will be higher. When requiring a complete cleaning, the price can reach upwards to $350.00 - $600.00. If you find a company offering all of this for a low price such as $149.99 - $199.99 for the entire system including air ducts, furnace, blower, motor, air conditioner, air exchanger cleaning... you just found yourself a "Blow and Go" company!

Duct Cleaner/Carpet Cleaner/?????? Cleaner

Jack of all trades, oh boy!! When it comes to duct cleaning you need to stick with professionals that solely clean air duct systems. Some companies offer multiple services for example, cleaning carpets, furniture, walls , etc. In most cases these companies hire contractors to complete the work.

Cleaning Time

This depends on many factors but to give you a rough idea, duct cleaning on a small bungalow should take a two-man team a minimum of 2 - 3 hours. The average cottage or split level home usually takes a two-man team 2-5 hours. Any contractor or company that cleans your home in or around one hour is not doing a proper job.

The Truck Mount Difference

When Duct Masters started back in 2005 we began with the portable units, which every customer was satisfied with, except us. We weren’t getting the results we wanted, therefore decided to look at other alternative equipment. The portable machines work well, but there is a night and day difference between portable and truck mount. The two most popular portable units are the following (1) Rotor brush (this machine has less than 700 CFM’s) (2) Portable Negative Machine (less than 3000 CFM's, and once you add the Hepa filter, the suction will decrease to less than 2000 CFM’s). The Truck Mount system is between 6,000 - 20,000 CFM's. So if you need to get your ducts professionally cleaned, go with a company that offers a truck mount system.

They Claim To Have Truck Mount, But Do They Really

There are some companies claim to have a real truck mount system but don't! Truck mount systems only fit in trucks. Anything smaller than a 12 Foot cube truck is not offering you the same equipment. If a company arrives with a car , caravan or commercial van they are NOT offering a real truck mount system. 

Free Sanitizer or Disinfection spray

Remember the old saying "Nothing is for free"? That also applies to sanitizers. To begin, you don't always require a disinfection for your air ducts ... you should only use it when necessary (bacteria, fungus, new home, renovations or winter germs). The Duct Masters representative will ask you several questions in determining if a disinfection would be required or suggested. Anyone offering to spray your ducts free with this expensive product is NOT inserting the real product. There have been reports of companies using just water. When it's related to your health you need to know exactly what's being inserted into your ventilation system.

Removing Vent Covers

You need to have them removed to clean, we often from previous customers that other companies are not removing all or any vent and return covers, there are times when covers can't be removed, but to clean properly you should always have them removed. There are only a few reasons not to remove these covers: the carpet is over the screws, possible damage, the vent is within a few feet from the main line, etc)

Entire House For One Price

We offer fixed prices on bungalows, cottage and split level homes. However if your home should have additional furnaces or have new extensions to the home there will be an extra charge. If you should find a company offering to clean a tri-zone system (very large cottage) for the same price as single zone (Bungalow) then your probably going to be disappointed with the end results.

* For more information on having the air ducts in your home cleaned, please go to the EPA website