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Two-Year Guarantee

The Duct Masters two-year air duct cleaning guarantee is unbeatable!

Here's how it works: when you purchase a Duct Masters preferred or healthy home package air duct cleaning, we guarantee that our antimicrobial treatment will prevent the regrowth of mold and mildew in your air duct ventilation system for two full years, or we reapply it at no charge!

Duct Masters once again raising the bar on air duct cleaning!

No other air duct cleaning company in Montreal or even the entire province of Quebec offers this guarantee. When it comes to air duct cleaning we don't follow ---- we lead.

Our air duct cleaning guarantee

With preferred or healthy home package air duct cleaning and disinfecting treatment to the system, you receive a two-year guarantee on the duct work. This guarantee covers issues incurred in the system due to growth of microbiological organisms such as, but not limited to, bacteria and mold.

The moment you contact us regarding a problem, our technician will come out to your household as soon as possible and take care of the problem free of charge. As long as you use our company every two years, we will continue to extend the warranty.

The two-year guarantee conditions

The guarantee will become void for any of the following reasons.

The guarantee will become void should the customer fail to maintain the system by replacing the filters according to the manufacture's recommendations.

The guarantee will become void should the customer have another company with the two-year period perform any air duct cleaning or air duct related cleaning jobs in the customers household.

The guarantee will become void should the customer not present their two-year guarantee card.

When will this guarantee be active

We are presently in the process of finalizing this guarantee, it will be active starting on July 1st, 2012